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INSILICO is a technology & startup development firm, based in Detroit.
Specializing in strategy, product, and marketing services.
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We started INSILICO to change the world, by first changing Detroit. More
We started INSILICO to change the world, by first changing Detroit.

We started INSILICO almost 7 years ago. Back then, our mission was solely to develop cutting edge applications to help diagnose and treat autism. We did that, with the help of an amazing group of people and the Henry Ford Health System. And we still continue that mission today with the Autism Alliance of Michigan and FRIDAY Healthcare.

But since then, we've branched out into many seemingly unrelated areas. We've developed augmented reality applications for President Obama and NFL legends alike. We've gone all over the world to find out how to use technology to help orphans in Africa with Microsoft and Chevrolet. And we've even dabbled into innovating ice cream.

And through all of this, we've observed one continuous thread: everyone needs innovation, and few people know how to do it. Our work with first time entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies has shown us that there is a huge learning curve in terms of bringing new technologies, processes, campaigns, and things in general into reality. Even for, and sometimes especially, veteran organizations.

So we've refocused, taken what we're good at, and are using our talents to help these organizations and individuals bring their concepts into reality.

We're delivering "innovation as a service". And we believe that it is a science as much as it is an art. By focusing on three fundamental areas of design, engineering, and strategy, we bring forth the mythical notion of "innovation" in an easy to understand and objective format.

Our goal is to help people execute exceptionally well in each of those respective categories by partnering with them and providing in-house development, consultation, and more. To manifest their ideas into successful, sustainable, and ultimately profitable endeavors. All while maintaining a focus on leaving a lasting positive impact in the universe.

Calvin Gee

Calvin Gee

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GRAISIN Robotics - Off-road Autonomous Utility Vehicles

Ice Cream Detroit official launch at Red Dunn Kitchen - Video Courtesy of Video Vision 360


Branding. Art Direction. Marketing. UI/UX.


App development. Artificial Intelligence. Enterprise Software. Autonomous Robotics.


Customer Discovery. Competitive Analysis. Business Development. Legal.

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