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GRAISIN Robotics

Autonomous vehicle technology, beyond vehicles. GRAISIN robotics brings the disruptive power of autonomous tech towards philanthropic missions within agriculture and developing countries.


Employer benefits, regardless of where you're employed. Employee assistance programs, on-demand job coaching, and employer tools to help companies better understand their workforce.

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PLAYLIST is lead by Detroit Lions' running back & entrepreneur, Mike James. And looks to bring combine the visceral power of music with social media content.

GRAISIN News & Search

GRAISIN is a custom built search engine and an artificially intelligent natural language processor, that summarizes entire news articles into a few accurate sentences and automatically compares competing sources.

FRIDAY Healthcare

Cognitive health applications and telemedicine centered around bridging those affected by cognitive disorders like autism, with the help they need.


Moving Nicaragua forward as Nicaragua's largest ride-hailing company and fair partnerships with local taxis.

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Ice Cream Detroit

Alcohol infused premium ice cream. Made with local Detroit liquor, booze, and pride. 

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